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Ghoul Girl Films

Ghoul Girls are creative, sexual and provocative! Fetishized cosplay as you have never seen it before, delivered to your screens every month. Creative films that push and challenge conventional notions of erotica and push it every which way! Funny, perverse and truly alternative, Ghoul Girl Films will deliver costumed sex as irreverent and as exciting as its heroines!
Working with talented directors and creative, edgy models, actresses and crew each Ghoul Girl film will be a collectable and unique take on fetishism and costumed erotica
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Sapphic Shadow Vs Devil Girl

A beautiful masked cat-burglar known as the Sapphic Shadow gets more than she bargained for when she tries to steal a stunning necklace from a curvaceous Duchess who has a hotline to Hell and calls in the caped demon Devil Girl! Devil Girl doesn’t so much fight crime as perverize it and proceeds to spank the Sapphic Shadow into submission!

  • Director: Simon Black
  • Cast: Vanessa Filippi as Devil Girl

PSI-SEX: Fantasy made Flesh

A series of provacative and disturbing erotic sequences linked by the five Zener card designs; cards used to conduct experiments in extrasensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance and releasing sexual energy.

Focusing on one woman’s sexual fantasies and her opportunity to make them real, no matter how extreme or perverse.

  • Director: Fayann Smith
  • Cast: Hannah Short (A Girl, Tar Rot)

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US Distribution through:
CAV Distributing Corporation
253 Utah Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080